In late 2009 we started our business choosing to offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. As we started working with our clients, we began to hear a common theme: Small to medium-sized businesses felt helpless when it came to managing their own website. About a year into running our business we decided to expand our service offerings and began building websites with the idea of enabling our customers to better manage their own sites. Those websites were, and continue to be, tailored to our client’s needs – a highly usable website interface that the client can feel comfortable managing.

During this time we were also working on Social Media and attempting to get businesses to buy into its’ importance. Looking at the widespread use of Social Media marketing today, we’re overjoyed to see how far things have come. Building on our own struggles and discoveries, we developed several trainings and strategies in the hope it would make the Social transition easier for our own clients.

Then the world became Mobile! And so did we! Our clients have often expressed to us a desire for their business to be accessible on multiple platforms in order to reach a wider audience. And so the mobile division of Findability Solutions was born! We now offer a wide range of custom mobile application development services to meet your needs.

To mark this milestone we decided our own website could use a bit of an update. For fun (and a way to archive a bit of history) below is a screen shot of what we used to look like. We like to remember where we came from around these parts.

We are super excited to unveil our new website and we hope you like it too! Please take a minute and share it using your favourite social networking site below. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think. Any ideas or suggestions? We’d love to hear them!!! Go ahead, poke around and have some fun!

The Team at Findability Solutions, Inc.