Mobile Development

mobilImmediacy. Simplicity. Context. At Findability Solutions we build mobile applications that deliver the most relevant information to your users no matter where they are.

According to a recent Forrester report, mobile applications should be designed to meet the following objectives – Immediacy, Simplicity, and Context. At Findability Solutions, we don’t lead with the technology, our goal is to build the best solution that provides the best user experience.

Mobile Application Design

Before even discussing technology or platforms, most clients today seem to be confused about what exactly makes a good mobile application. Do I need a mobile application or a mobile website? Is it good enough if my website can be viewed on a mobile phone? We get these questions a lot. I know we shouldn’t be doing it but we always answer that question with a question – What is the problem you are trying to solve?

A mobile app should be looked at as a utility. Something that accompanies a mobile or traditional website. It serves a purpose and does a few things very well along the way to help your users find the details they are looking for while on the go.


Native vs. Web-based. Android or iOS vs. HTML5 or Hybrid. The implementation options for building a mobile app are endless. Each technology has its place and we look at each and every one when building the solution that meets your needs.

We know that sticking to the budget is always a consideration, that’s why we offer several different budget-friendly solutions that take the fear out of going mobile.