For those of you who don’t know, when it comes to proving your website’s relevance to the various search engines, content is king.  To rank well against a particular search term or keyword, your site needs to have just the right amount of that keyword embedded within its content.  The more prominent that keyword is, the more likely your site is to be included in those search results.

Let’s Look at an Example

Let’s say your company specializes in online gaming market and You’re the best company and you know it.  Now you want the rest of the world to know every time they search for the phrase “online gaming”.  That’s great, but how does a search engine like Google know that you’re the best?

Content is King

There are several strategies a good SEO firm will use to improve the findability of your website.  The most important of those should be improving the quality of your website content.  The page you’re hoping to attract visitors to must have the right amount of search terms/phrases within it.  Going back to our example, if I’m authoring a page that I want Google to return in its listing of search results, I better make sure that my page speaks to the phrase “ski wicket”.

Why Small Businesses Need to Get it Right the First Time

Once your page is crawled and indexed by one of the search engines, the search engine maintains several key bits of information.  Among other things, it’s looking for the prominance of certain words – how often they appear and where within your page content.  Once it crawls your site and gathers the information it’s looking for, it’s gone.  Just as fast as it came.

If you’re a small business with a relatively small website (fewer than 50 pages) that search engine may not be back to pay your page a visit for several days, weeks, or even months.  For that reason, it is very important to ensure that the content on your page is well crafted, relevant to the topic at hand, and contains the right amount of the keyword or phrase you’re hoping to target.

Avoiding Negative Results

Before you start thinking that you’ve come across this great secret to better search engine ranking, let me provide a word of caution.  If I try to get crafty by including the phrase “ski wicket” 1000 times on my page, I can actually be penalized by the search engines and hurt my search ranking.  Your page/website needs to be designed for human beings, not search engines.  If Google lets say, crawls your page and notices that the phrase “ski wicket”  appears 1000 times, it probably won’t think you’re the authority on the ski wicket, but that you’re trying to manipulate your way to a better search ranking.  It’s true, and it does happen.