Search Engine Optimization

seoFindability Solutions’ mission is to help our clients get found. Whether it’s through a unique website, a stellar mobile app, or improved search engine rankings – we help bring our client’s brand to the top!

Today’s search engines are the way in which 90% of people locate Internet resources.

84% of searchers never make it past the bottom of page two
65% of those searchers never click on paid (sponsored) results
That’s why at Findability Solutions, Inc., our goal is to rank our clients within the top ten of many of the leading search engines. We focus on organic, or non-paid results, since that is the most cost-effective type of campaign for the small to mid-sized business owner.


We offer the following services to meet the needs of your findability campaign:

Keyword Discovery and Deployment

Keywords and phrases are the single most important ingredient to any successful findability campaign. Keywords are the search terms entered into a search engine’s search box. These can range from single word entries to several “like” words constructing a phrase. At Findability Solutions, Inc., we help you sprinkle just the right amount of keywords that best describe your niche, in all the right places.

On-Page Optimization

There are several web design strategies that can be used to optimize your findability. Often overlooked, we can help you integrate these into your existing site.

Inbound Link Building

Search engines rank websites on several different criteria. The number of external references your website has helps the search engine establish relevance for a specific keyword or phrase. Having external references from the wrong type of site can actually hurt your ranking. That’s why most clients leave the link building to us!

Local Search Optimization

For clients choosing to target a specific area or location. There are several strategies we’ve developed to help your site rank well in those areas.

Website Analytics

Here’s where it gets interesting. Have you ever wondered how many visitors your site had on a particular day? Which keywords and/or search engine helped to drive traffic to your site? How long a visitor stayed on one page versus another? These questions and more can be answered using simple site analytics tools.