How have you networked lately?  Do you belong to several Networking groups for  Social or Business purposes?  Then hopefully Twitter has been part of your networking system.

Twitter is a real time – powerful networking tool for people and businesses.  Networking in 140 characters…impossible you say? Join the conversation and see!

One of the reasons why Twitter is so powerful is the ability to network quickly and productively with potentially thousands of people or more in an instant…if you do it right!  And always remember that people are nosy (you know you are too!)…they want to know what is going on in your life and your business.  If you are smart and savvy with your tweets, people will want to listen in to your conversation – just like the Nosy Rosy sitting beside you on the Go Train!

Twitter reaches out to everyone – women, men, moms, dads, entrepreneurs, small businesses and large corporations to mention a few!  Each of these people network in the community in different ways but all can use Twitter to network from home…in their pajamas if they choose to do so!  Once you establish relationships on Twitter, meeting a potential friend or client in person is a cinch…that initial dialogue has already started and the connection is already established.  Just imagine how a business could benefit from this!

Here are some tips:

– Follow the right people – related to your personal likes, your type of business or your location.

– Have the right people follow you – appeal to those you want to follow you and search for them.

– Don’t spam – multiple accounts sending the same tweets at the same time, selling or asking people to constantly check out your site or what you offer will lose your followers very quickly!

– Follow those who follow those you follow (do you follow?) – look at your followers and follow their followers.

– If someone follows you, follow them back out of courtesy – unless they have a suspicious picture, non-existent bio or no followers but are following hundreds of people!

– #FollowFridays – Your time to give back to your network – tweet a user name and reason why others should follow them.  What goes around comes around

– Retweet others as you want to be retweeted!

So, if you are not on Twitter go on and join the conversation!  The most important tip to remember – HAVE FUN!  (even if you are wearing your pajamas!)

And if you are confused or want some more tips, give me a call!  I am always here to help!